Manage multi-app files sending and recovering from your iPad to iPad groups in local network.
No internet in the establishment ? Slow or irregular connection ? Your Cloud or Dropbox are not always accessible ? Some files are too heavy to send by email ? …

Discover Kollector !
Merely from an indépendant hotspot, manage multi-apps files exchange directly from your iPad (personal or professional) in a full iPad room with Kollector, a software which does not use internet connection.

Group and organise your tablet classroom
With Kollector, manage your iPad fleet by grouping your users. In one click send files across a selected group. No more multiple and repetitive manipulations ! Sending files becomes easy and group management allows to optimize the differentiated work, adapted to each one.

Send files without internet connection
From your iPad, give access thanks to Kollector, to all your digital files directly on the users tablets you will have selected. Then, without internet connection they will be able to open and edit them in the chosen apps.

Collect users productions without internet connection
Via Kollector, find in one time on your iPad, all user’s productions send in a session by your users. View and archive all jobs (from multiple applications) in a user-specific folder, accessible throughout the year. Useful, simple and no internet connection required !

Information !
To be functional, « Kollector Pro » must be used together with one or more tablets using « Kollector User" and connected on the same WiFi network.