pi-top [3]

pi-top [3]

pi‑top is a modular laptop that gives you the tools to complete amazing DIY projects and bring your inventions to life. It’s the perfect tool to help you learn to code, create awesome devices, and take your knowledge to the next level.
All new pi‑tops come with an Inventor's Kit! Happy inventing!

Sliding Keyboard Design

Slide out the keyboard to reveal the built in Modular Rail. It's a workspace for you to build your creations, using pi-top accessories and electronic components.

Inventor's Kit

pi-top teaches you to create your own inventions on your journey as an inventor. We’ll help you get started with this awesome inventor’s kit click the icons to see what you can make.

"Music Maker"

Invent your own Music Synth! Use LEDs, buttons, resistors and potentiometers along with your own code to create awesome beats, smooth rhythms and dramatic baselines. Create your own beat with your very own Music Maker!

"Space Race"

Compete to race around your very own Space Race, use LEDs, resistors and copper wire along with your own code to create a fun game with skills that can be applied to your own inventions and projects!

"Smart Robot"

Invent a robot that interacts with you! Use LEDs, resistors, proximity sensors, and a microphone to create your own robotic friend. Use code to make him interact with you and its environment. Bring your robot to life with step by step instructions, code and components.

pi-top OS Polaris

At the heart of everything is our shining star - pi-topOS: Polaris - included with pi-top.

The intuitive interface that delivers on everything you have come to expect from a modern Operating System.

Enhance your world with pi-top's award winning Operating System, gain access to dozens of apps and 100’s of hours of fun and engaging learning baked right in!

MAGELLAN pi-top[3]

This robust and mobile Magellan case allows to transport, secure and charge closed lid, 10 pi-top [3] together.

Also available with wireless access point embedded option, this Magellan let you deployed, quickly and at any time, a complet workshop to progress in learning code.



14” 1080p SCREEN


- 14” full HD LCD screen
- 1920 x 1080 resolution
- 180° screen angle range

- 1.4GHz quad-core arm cortex A53P
- 4 USB ports
- 40 GPIO pins
- HDMI port
- Gigabit Ethernet port
- 802.11 B/G/N dual-band wireless LAN
- Bluetooth 4.2
- 3.5mm audio jack
- Camera interface
- Display interface
- Micro SD card slot
- Videocore IV 3D graphics core

- 6-8 hour battery life
- 105mm sliding keyboard for internal access (US layout)
- 104x75mm trackpad with Gesture Control
- Modular Rail for pi-top accessories

- 18V, 2.5A charger with AU, EU, UK and US adapters
- 8GB class 10 SD CARD with pi-topOS
- SD Card Removal Tool